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Since 2012, the Web has become "social", and it's now essential to communicate effectively with Internet users and communities, and to promote your company's visibility through social platforms (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Google My Business, Tiktok, Pinterest, Twitter...).

For our teams based in Avignon, Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux, managing a community on the media and social networks requires expertise and strategic editorial thinking.

Ugocom can manage all community management issues for your organization.

Find out more about the main challenges and our areas of expertise.


What is community management ?

Social networks have become alternative, informal and above all powerful channels of communication.

With the social or participative web, customers now have a say, expressing their opinions and tastes and sharing them with their peers.

Community management aims to take these new communication habits into account, by regulating interactions between web users and the organization.

Through the implementation of alternative marketing strategies, it essentially seeks to satisfy, federate and develop the loyalty of an online community.


What are the challenges of community management?

Good community management is a real lever for increasing awareness of your company and your brand, anticipating the management of your e-reputation (communicating effectively in the event of a crisis), generating qualified traffic and reinforcing your SEO strategy.

What impact does Social Media have on your site's ranking ?

If good management of your online communication and community enables you to improve your reputation and look after your e-reputation, it's also an excellent way of boosting your ranking in the search engines.

By diversifying your traffic sources, limiting the negative effects of algorithm changes, obtaining backlinks in targeted communities and building audience loyalty through your feeds, you create a synergy and beneficial correlation between SERP positioning and social signals, thus promoting better indexing by the engines.


UGOCOM takes charge of your community management


We support you in managing your community management on social networks and media, through a process recognized as a key success factor in the field of online animation.


/ Identifying targets and objectives

We draw up a marketing persona that serves as a reference for the creation of editorial content, conversion objectives and the targeting of paid media campaigns.


/  Identifying areas of expression and codes

We identify target territories of expression, networks and social media qualified to reach them, and adapt our publishing and listening tools to their own communication codes..


/ Setting up the editorial strategy

We then draw up a list of trends to adapt the editorial strategy (centers of interest and preoccupations).

We manage the creation of content on different platforms, through engaging and varied publication formats:

•  Photos (Thinglink, Instagram, Photoshop…)
•  Video (Vine, Instagram, YouTube…)
•  Blog posts (Tumblr...)


/ Performance monitoring & reporting

In addition to implementing your S.M.O. (Social Media Optimization) strategy, we provide you with reporting on your efforts and results (traffic analysis, number of interactions, etc.).

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